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18 Wheeler Accident Cases - How much it is the Settlement Value of that kind of case?

Atualizado: Jul 7

Let's talk about minimum insurance limits for 18-wheeler rinks. Federal law requires at least 750 thousand dollars in liability insurance for tractor-trailer wrecks in order to compensate injured victims or grieving families. But that's just the minimum and there may be more.

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If you're hurt seriously enough or you lost a family member you need an experienced trucking accident attorney who knows how to find the full extent of the insurance

coverage available to you other sources of insurance include trailer insurance.

The trailer attached to the cab may be separately insured and again federal law

requires a minimum of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars and some trucking

companies carry excess or umbrella insurance that kicks in if there's not enough liability coverage but you can bet they won't volunteer this information and you've often got to

fight for that through legal channels

If you're seriously hurt or lost a loved one one thing certain you can't do this alone

truck and insurance companies are notorious for fighting tooth and nail even the most grievous injury and death cases

Take back some control in your case empower yourself and protect yourself against a cheap settlement that gets forced on you by an insurance company that takes advantage of your grief or your pain call an experienced truck and accident attorney to get your questions answered.

Compared to regular auto accident cases accident cases involving commercial 18 wheeler trucks are different than normal auto tort cases. 18 wheeler cases usually involve more serious injury or death and tend to involve higher dollar amounts. These cases are also more complex to litigate and require special skills and experience with big truck accident cases estos products but have since declared bankruptcy.

The average settlement for an 18 wheeler accident case involving significant physical injuries is somewhere between 75 and a hundred and ten thousand this can vary greatly depending on the type and severity of the injuries involved.

In the case the average jury verdict in an eighteen wheeler accident case is five hundred and ten thousand in the median jury award in these cases is 90 000. The large disparity between the average and the median verdict is due to the fact that there are a small

percentage of very high jury awards. In these cases that drives the average up 18 wheeler accident cases have a higher average settlement value than normal auto accident cases.

There are several reasons for this first 18 wheelers are bigger and heavier than regular vehicles. So they cause more damage in accidents also claims adjusters for big trucking

companies are more accustomed to dealing with larger dollar amounts.

Finally 18 wheeler accident claims have a higher value because big trucking companies do not get the benefit of jury sympathy when a case goes to trial.

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