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5 things you should do when a car accident happens

Atualizado: Jun 14

You know how crazy some of the drivers can get on our roads and freeways sometimes you feel like getting into an accident at the hands of someone else is unavoidable before it happens.

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But what are the top five things that a person who's been an automobile accident should do?


So the first thing is you want to check on the safety of your passengers as the driver of your vehicle. That's your most important obligation.


The second is you need to call 911 no matter how serious the injuries appear on scene is it important to call the police even if the accident appears to be minor. The accident may appear to be minor at first blush but you want to have the police there because the police are going to do a number of very important things. The first is they are going to interview both you and the other driver. They're going to interview any other occupants of either vehicle and they're going to interview any witnesses on the scene and witnesses could be people and other vehicles as well as pedestrians on the side of the road and that's very important because memories can change and the recollection of who is at fault can differ days or

weeks later.


Once the insurance company has become involved and so it's very important for you to have the police there to document the scene and to identify and list in their report the names and the contact information of all persons who are a witness to the crash.

Its common that some people not to feel significant pain until hours or even days after the accident. It's very common on the scene of the crash for you to feel okay until you go home and you have dinner with your family and then you go to bed and you lay prone for eight hours. Than you wake up the next day and your back hurts or your neck, hurts your shoulder hurts, there's pain in your leg. That's incredibly common and it's very important stay attent even if the pain doesn't manifest itself for a day or two. Later for once it does for you to go see your doctor because far too often where folks have consequences for the rest of their life.


Its important that take pictures if you want to be able to document exactly what happenned.

The most car accidents involve two vehicles so you need to take pictures of the damage to both vehicles you want to take pictures from multiple angles so you're able to get a sense of the size and the scope of the damage. You also need to take pictures of the surrounding area and you want to do that because it's important later for you to have a firm documented evidence of where the accident occurred. It's hard and it's a moment with the adrenaline pumping for you to remember everything.

Days or weeks later those pictures are going to help you what should you say to your insurance company when you notify them of the crash.

You you want to give your insurance company all the information that you have the factual information that you can remember about the crash and when you call the police one of the

things they're going to do when they interview the witnesses and they take statements is they're going to give you at the end what's called a driver exchange of information.

That sheets going to have the names of the drivers, the identity of the vehicles as well as the insurance for both vehicles and you will have the crash number.

You will to give that information to your insurance company. You do have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company and they may request that you give them a statement. However you don't want to give them a statement at a time where

your stress and your head isn't clear and most of the time it's not advisable to give a statement before you've had a chance to consult with an attorney.

Don't sign anything

When you are speaking to your insurance company the last piece of advice I would tell you is don't sign anything you know you don't want to sign, be that release or anything any kind of settlement with your insurance company until you know your injuries.

Many times we've seen insurance companies offer to settle claims for unrepresented folks and once they have an attorney that settlement number increases significantly so you certainly want to speak to your insurance company and you do have a duty to cooperate but you should to speak to an attorney before you say anything it or you sign anything.

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