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Fee's explained by Car Accident Attorney

Atualizado: Jun 21

Lets understand car accident fees as well as contingency fees.

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Lets understand car accident fees as well as contingency fees.

If you're injured in a car accident and you have a personal injury claim, there's several different types of fee arrangements that attorneys can use. There can be a flat fee where you have to pay an attorney up front a flat amount for what they're gonna work the rest of your case.

You can do it on an hourly basis or you can do a contingency fee agreement which most personal injury attorneys use. So contingency fee agreements, what that means is that you don't actually have to pay the attorney anything until they are successful with your case.

So what happens is, someone comes in in a car accident the attorney sign a fee agreement that tells them that after the case is settled, that he going to take a percentage of the fee or the settlement that comes in and that's the global settlement.

That means basically that the accident laweyr is working your case until he are successful on the case without any money paid to the attorney.

Now when that gets settled, the accident attorney would take a percentage of that. So one of the things that you have to consider though, with a lot of personal injury attorneys that is not always discussed right off the bat. Lets understand the costs associated with the case going to be handled. So expert witnesses, people that are coming in to do evaluations, engineers, anyone that needs to testify at trial. These are all people that need to be paid up front.

Some firms and attorneys will say, "Look, I'll front all the costs but I want those all recouped at the end". Others will say, "Look, I'm willing to front the costs and not get that recouped". So it's something that you can ask your attorney about and negotiate.

Now the percentage is another thing important to know about and most attorneys are about a third of the settlement; some are a little higher, some are lower.

And then finally, its important understand how that fee is going to work in the end. That's when you actually get paid no case you don't get money until you actually are successful in settling your case or winning at trial. So when your attorney settles it, they typically have to put it in their bank account, their client trust fund for a few days.

The accident attorneys know how

All the money will go to the firm, they'll pay all medical care providers, they'll negotiate any liens that have meaning anything that the medical care providers are wanting as far as payment and sometimes they can get reductions on the amounts that they want. And then they'll pay the rest and so some of the times there's a question of "Well is it worth it to me to pay an attorney, you know a percentage of the fee?"

So keep in mind is that the accident attorneys know how the insurance companies work. They know how to make sure that you're getting the maximum benefit of your fee, your settlement.

They know how to make sure that are looking at all avenues of settlements. So if there's other insurance policies that are available

the accident lawyer look at those and try to get that money too. He know how to read the insurance policy and a lot of times make have extra benefits that can be unaware.

And then the accident lawyer aware of getting reductions in a lot of medical expenses that allow to have more money in your pocket in the end. So those are some of the things to consider.

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