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How to choose a lawyer?

If you've ever needed a lawyer, you've probably asked yourself questions like where to find him or how to find out which one is right for you. Several questions arise during the process of choosing a lawyer.

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How to choose a lawyer? This text is intended to help you choose and find the lawyer that best suits your needs. After researching the topic and interviewing several lawyers (asking them what are the most important criteria to consider when choosing a lawyer), the following conclusion was reached. The most important criteria to consider when choosing a lawyer are detailed below; as well as their order of importance. The confidence This is a fundamental value if we have to choose a lawyer. After all, we're going to have to tell you about a problem and provide you with personal and probably confidential information. Therefore, it is important that our lawyer is trustworthy, recommended by a friend or acquaintance, and that he is honest. In addition, there are other related values ​​to consider, such as the responsibility and security that you transmit to us. The recommendations

The fact that our lawyer is recommended by someone is a very important factor when choosing this professional. Recommendations can be made by someone close to us. However, on the internet we can also find lawyer directories with a large number of recommended law firms (by users, clients or their acquaintances). In any case, the recommendations will give us objective information about the lawyer we are considering hiring.

Experience (specialist) It is evident that not only trust is important during the process of choosing a lawyer. Its experience and level of specialization are also very important criteria. So, if we're promoting a lawyer and we hesitate between two that make us very confident, we'll choose the one with the most experience of the two.

Fees This is one of the key points when choosing a lawyer. It may be that for some it is more important than trust. The question here would be as follows. If I have to choose between several lawyers and all of them compatible with a similar budget, I will choose the one recommended to me or the one with more experience (provided that the difference between the fees is minimal). The geographic location The location of the lawyer or law firm is also important, but it is not the most important when choosing a lawyer. It also depends on the importance of the case at hand. Obviously, we will not choose a lawyer who is a thousand miles away from our city, no matter how much he has been recommended to us. Thus, the geographical criterion is important, but it would be below those mentioned above.

In conclusion, underline that these are the most frequent criteria to be considered in the process of choosing a lawyer. A personal order that we give to them is also important. What is more important to me, which is close to my home or which is economical? That he is an expert even though he is in another city? Well, the order of criteria already depends on the particular situation of each one, but it is probably in everyone's interest that our lawyer has experience in specializing our case. The same is true with a trust. According to the opinion of the interviewed lawyers, trust is the most important criterion of all. Therefore, we will probably prefer a recommended lawyer over one who has a lot of experience but who we know nothing about beyond that.

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